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My grandfather Delfis Morin was a brakeman and conductor on the CPR for seven years, staring in 1893. My dad Andy Morin, was born in Toronto in 1927. The family lived in Sudbury and every year they made a trip by train to Pasadena, by way of Toronto, Chicago, and the Santa Fe. They also took the train to Toronto for doctor's appointments and to do serious shopping. All this train travel plus my grandfather's stories and frequent visits trackside sparked my father's and uncle's interest in railways, especially the CPR. In 1942 they moved to Vancouver and my dad started taking photos. He was 15 at the time. He used the family Kodak 616 Vigilant folding camera which we still have. It has an f/4.7 lens and max shutter speed of 1/200. I think the typical speed of film he used was ASA 50. In 1954 he got a 4x5 speed graphic with a 127mm f/4.5 lens. Starting about 1947, my uncle Joe Morin took movies of trains while my dad took the stills (search youtube, smokeywoodstover, Joe Morin). In the early days they got around the Vancouver area by streetcar or bicycle. They got as far as Barnet many times on the bikes which was a long ride from home! One time they went all the way to Coquitlam and got a ride on a farmer's truck part way back because they were too exhausted. They never told their mother about that. In 1947 my dad got a Jeep station wagon. They liked going to Sicamous and staying at the hotel above the station. Sometimes they rented a row boat from there to access photo locations. My dad worked in various offices for Canadian National in Vancouver from about 1950 till 1975. He took very few pictures of CN. He passed away in 2004.

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