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My first train ride was in 1938, on CN, from Windsor to Toronto. Obviously I wasn’t instantly captivated because the only lingering memory of that journey is of seeing a gantry crane just as we left Windsor which, immediately on arriving home, I rushed to model in Meccano, a nuts, bolts and metal strips building toy. But a July 1943 journey from Toronto to Gaspé, Quebec, which took 24 hours longer than scheduled, turned out to be my awakening, instilling in me a fondness both for trains and for CN’s 1100 series of ten-wheelers beginning with 1134, the first number recorded in the notebook which I kept for years. Joining the Upper Canada Railway Society in 1947 introduced me to many people sharing similar interests and afforded an opportunity to become aware of and ride much of the dense network of CN and CP branch lines which then covered southern Ontario as well as the last of the electric interurban operations. Subsequently, career and family diverted my attention but I always tried to stay abreast of the railway world. Since that early start I have ridden on rails, long distance, local and urban, throughout Canada and in many different parts of the world but, except for the very occasional trip on VIA Rail, those days are now well behind me. Photography was never one of my strengths and most of my photos have been given away to others. However a number of Canadian electric line photos dating from the 1940s and 50s have survived and, as worthy ones are identified, they will be posted. Now thoroughly retired, I live in Guelph, Ontario.

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