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About Peter Newman and the Del Rosamond collection... Many years ago - through a strange twist of fate - I was presented with an unmarked cardboard box of colour slides. They measured 2.75" squared. As a young railway enthusiast I knew that I had become the steward of a small but historically valuable piece of Canadian railway history. Over the last 35 years I would enjoy occasionally holding these images up to the light. I vowed that someday I would do something with them. I'm grateful that state-of-the-art technology and my own personal resources recently combined to have these images professionally digitized, colour corrected, cropped, and cleaned for scratches and damage. I then published a web gallery to display the images. At the time, I did not know who the photographer was or where the photographs were taken. In just a few short hours the railfan community came together to solve the mystery. The photographer was the late Mr. Stephen Delmonte (Del) Rosamond from Pembroke, Ontario. Soon afterwards I was able to locate his sister and nephew. They have been extremely kind, gracious and supportive in allowing Del's images to be shared and enjoyed on this site.

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Number of images: 54
Total gold: 788
Number of comments recieved : 142
Number of comments posted : 4
Total views: 162610

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