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Resident of Burlington Ontario since 1946, the daily passings of steam locomotives on the nearby CN Beach Subdivision sparked my interest in railways; some evenings my father would take me to the Burlington station at Freeman to watch the frequent steam-hauled passenger trains. We’d usually go home after the daily doodlebug would trundle down the single track Beeton Subdivision to stop opposite Burlington station before it would with considerable noise and flames shooting from its four exhaust stacks head west to Hamilton. Started to photograph railways and related in the early 1960’s, over the years graduated to Pentax equipment. With friend Doug Page went to the USA on a rail enthusiast journey in the summer of 1965 which introduced me to foreign railway systems. Employment was in Oakville, then Burlington and eventually Toronto as an instructional materials technologist in a variety of school boards. My position allowed me to utilize a variety of photographic devices and related. Forced retirement from the educational field enabled me to expand my skills as a railway journalist under a variety of nom de plumes; my photography continued, now graduated to Nikon kit. Digitalimagery is not the same as film, never will be although am grateful to be able to continue to see railways in the local area, unlike elsewhere in Ontario.

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